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Continuing Legal Education - Mandatory CLE

What is MCLE?
MCLE stands for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. It is also referred to as CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is an obligation that is imposed on holders of local practising certificates (ie, solicitors and barristers).

For solicitors it is imposed as a condition of a solicitor's practising certificate (condition 1).

Barristers are also required to meet the obligations and are required to affirm compliance when applying to renew their practising certificate.

How many points are required?

Generally, a legal practitioner is required to undertake 10 units of continuing legal education a year.

One hour of continuing legal education equals one unit.

Are there special requirements as to the content of the units?

Yes, there are. Here is a checklist of the requirements:
Every year (Rule 57 Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2013; NSW Bar Association CPD Policy)
- 10 points per year (year ending 31 March);
- At least 1 unit in each of the following fields:

  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility;
  • Practice Management and Business Skills;
  • Professional Skills.

Every 3 years (Regulation 176 Legal Profession Regulation 2005)
- One unit relating to the management of the practice of law that deals with the following issues:

  • equal employment opportunity
  • discrimination and harassment
  • occupational health and safety law
  • employment law.

It's easy to overlook compliance with the MCLE obligations. At NSW State Legal Conference we realise this and we ensure that at every conference we hold (in March and August of each year) we have sessions designed to help you to meet the requirements.

Does the Law Society audit compliance with the requirements?
Yes, it does. In order to verify solicitors' compliance with the MCLE scheme the Law Society of NSW conducts random audits.

Does NSW State Legal Conference hold a record of my previous MCLE attendances?
Yes we do. We have learnt that solicitors sometimes need a written record of their previous attendances at our conferences for MCLE purposes and we can provide this to you very quickly. Simply contact us by phone, fax or email and we will send you confirmation of your attendances.


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